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Complete-Coms provide a range of power, data, IF and RF cable solutions. We produce customised
cable solutions for tier one global vendors and remove the pain of managing multiple suppliers for
ancillary equipment. Take the hassle out of cable and accessory procurement and leverage our existing relationships with tier one manufacturers.

  • Power: Equipment power cabling with specified length and terminations

  • Data: E1, serial, Ethernet and other data interface cables available in pre-terminated lengths

  • IF/RF: MODEM tails, jumper cables and IF cable kits to suit a range of frequency and power requirements

  • ‘Plumbing’: Waveguide adaptors, Polyphaser arrestors, HSE ground kits etc

  • All cables are supplied with complete engineering drawings

  • Options for white-label or OEM

  • Cables use genuine AMP connectors and are crimped using genuine AMP tools

  • Every cable is inspected and tested prior to shipping

  • Options for testing, staging and storage at our Australian or New Zealand facilities

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