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Our cabinets are trusted to protect mission critical equipment in the toughest environments; remote sites
in the tropics, desert and outback stations and highly exposed alpine locations above the snowline.
Complete-Coms enclosures offer a cost effective, low impact option for a variety of applications.

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  • Solar shielding and sun protection hoods

  • Lockable, durable anti-theft doors

  • All cabinets include power distribution with options for AC and DC breakers and local Declaration of Conformity to AS/NZS 3000:2007

  • Options for IP rating level and construction material

  • Cooling options include AC or DC powered air conditioning, fans, heat exchangers or passive elements

  • Telecommunications: Remote sites where aperture and access can be an issue

  • Utilities: SCADA and Telemetry equipment at remote and repeater sites equipment

  • Energy: Teleprotection and remote I/O

  • Rail: Distributed signalling and control systems

  • Emergency Services: Mobile radio and cellular applications outside main coverage footprint